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August/September 2011
Erynn and I have wanted to go to the Bled World Rowing Championships ever since we saw the crazy people campaigning for the city's selection at the 2007 Munich World Champs (scroll down a bit). We even booked our hotel room in Bled the year before while watching the World Champs in New Zealand. Needless to see we like watching the Rowing World Championships. It's usually a fun atmosphere and you can't beat the locations! This year's race was our 6th event and Greta's first.
However, when we originally planned on attending we didn't know we would be living in Germany. According to Google Maps the trip from Mannheim is just over 8 hours to Bled. So we decided to drive there since it's also much easier to pack and carry everything you need for a newborn in a car vs. a plane. But hey! Since we were driving we also decided to make a week of it and tour the northern Adriatic region. Within a couple hours of Bled are some really cool places in Italy and Croatia along with the splendor of the Julian Alps and Bled.
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