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Toledo, Ohio
September 24, 2016
This year's Head of the Des Moines was canceled at the last minute due to flooding. Erynn and I made the last minute decision to enter the Toledo Frogtown regatta in its place.
The wind for the regatta was severe. The men's singles were the first to race and the conditions in the last 1000m heading to the start were unrowable. My boat swamped twice and a number of other scullers were fished out of the water. I believe 6 or 7 scullers were unable to complete the race or get to the start. During the race I swamped again and almost flipped. Sorting myself out and getting out of the way of another sculler cost me over a minute. I'll wear my bronze medal with pride!
Needless to say Erynn's single race was canceled. Winds moderated a bit and the non-high school mixed doubles were allowed to race. We thought there were only two boat at the start and didn't know a third was racing. We crushed the first boat and were surprised to see the third boat on the results sheet 5 seconds ahead of us. Erynn and I both agreed we had much more in the tank. The lesson here... always push for the full race!